PALMA'S Local Police force has stepped up its joint operations with the National Police over the past month.
National Police sources explained yesterday that a map of “hot spots” in Palma where a greater police presence is needed has been drawn up and these are where the joint patrols are being deployed on weekends as part of a summer-long security crackdown called Operation Focus.

Over the past month, a total of seven joint operations have been mounted in areas such as Porto Pi, Joan Miro, La Vileta and Pere Garau.
As a result, drugs have been seized, three weapons confiscated, 34 vehicle owners penalised for driving vehicles without a MOT (ITV) and a total of 262 people have been added to the police registry.

National Police Inspector Janka Jurkiewicz said yesterday that the police are also using the operation to gather information on whether a more effective Palma police plan can be based.

The National Police said that the summer-long initiative will enable police chiefs to decide which areas of Palma need a greater police presence, exactly how many extra officers are going to be on the beat and how the two forces will work side by side.