Palma.—Honda has announced that its EV-neo electric scooter will make its European debut with a demonstration program in conjunction with Barcelona City Council beginning in July. EV-neo is a battery electric scooter with zero in-use carbon dioxide emissions. Honda will provide the Barcelona City Council with 18 EV-neos for the period of one year.

Montesa Honda, the Barcelona City Council and RACC, Spain's leading automobile club, will work together to carry out daily research and monitoring activities on the EV-neo's usage in Barcelona. Motorcycles account for 30 percent of all vehicles in Barcelona. The EV-neo is a battery electric scooter. It operates using a 2.8kw motor and a lithium-ion battery. The EV-neo has a range of 34 kilometres at 30 km/h on level ground. The regular charger takes the battery from zero charge to a full charge in approximately 3 1/2 hours and is a highly portable unit that fits neatly in the cargo space beneath the seat of the EV-neo.