Palma.—Just days after Germany's Bild am Sonntag, the Sunday edition of the world's best-selling newspaper, made waves in Spain with the publication of a feature that depicted Majorca, in particular the Playa de Palma, as a destination in decline, dominated by “swindlers, pickpockets and prostitutes” Palmer hit back by defending the state security forces and praised them for proving the island with a level of security “which is second to none.” On Monday, the National Police issued thousands of tweets in English and German stressing just how safe the Balearics is and that they are waiting to look after them when they come on holiday here.

The Bild am Sonntag article, titled Majorca's Darkest Summer, concluded that the economic crisis is ruining the island.
It states: “Swindlers, pickpockets and cheap prostitutes over run the Playa de Palma after sunset,” before going on to claim that Majorca's crisis-related 30 percent unemployment level has left it in the hands of criminal gangs.

Palmer accused the newspaper of having blown the whole situation along the Playa de Palma out of proportion and stressed that, just like every summer, hundreds of extra police have been drafted into the Balearics as part of the Operation Summer security operation to ensure that holiday makers are safe. “No one can doubt the calm and tranquility in which most people live here in the Balearics and that is thanks to the dedicated work of the security services,” Palmer said.

She also said that since May, the Guardia Civil Local and National Police have all been working together in the Playa de Palma and Magalluf.