Palma.—And this year, the Spanish Navy and the Guardia Civil will be hosting the meeting, from 26 to 28 June here in Palma.
The central topic this week is going to be the ‘Safety and Security Scenario in the Mediterranean: Prospects for international cooperation from both sides.' The forum was held for the first time in Genoa 2009 with the aim of bringing together representatives of the Coastguard Services or equivalent and maritime administration from all countries bordering the Mediterranean as well as many observers.

Relying on a central theme based around the trend to oversized ships and its possible effects, the second edition was held in Marseille in 2012.
And, the third edition is being held in Palma organized by Spanish Navy and the Guardia Civil in combination with all the others governmental Spanish stakeholders involved in maritime safety and security.

This initiative is supported by the Directorate “Maritime Affairs and Fisheries” of the European Commission, responsible for the development of the European Integrated Maritime Policy.

The purpose of the MCGF Forum is the exchange of ideas about Maritime Safety and Security issues in the Mediterranean Sea in order to improve international cooperation and facilitating an appropriate networking.

The convention, which will be attended by members of the coast guard and maritime security services from Italy, France, Morocco and Algeria, will be opened by the Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer this morning.

Also on the agenda this year is tightening up controls on maritime pollution by large vessels, in particular tankers. Greenpeace has singled out the channel between the Balearics and mainland Spain as a pollution black spot and has urged the Spanish authorities to step up their controls of shipping in the region.