A British coupled robbed as they slept at their Calvia hotel ten days ago have put up a £10'000 reward for information which will lead to the recovery of part, if not all, of the stolen items. Mr and Mrs Crisp, who had owned a property on Majorca for over 30 years before recently selling up and moving back to Suffolk, were on a four-day house hunting trip when they were robbed. Yesterday the Crisps, now back home in England, said that the robbers slipped into their second-floor hotel room through the sliding door on their balcony which they had left slightly open. “The robbers walked right up to my wife's side of the bed and stole everything on the table - we have only been able to tell the police it happened between midnight and 8am,” the couple' daughter said. A diamond gold Rolex watch, a white gold single stoned diamond ring, a twin stoned diamond ring, a gold wedding ring and a Samsung mobile phone were stolen and any one with information should contact the National Police who are handling the investigation.