THE Union Mallorca Party member, Miguel Nadal, proposed a bill to increase the number of domestic waste sites in Palma yesterday. The proposal is an attempt to make Palma more sustainable, one of the political party's principle agendas in their campaign leading up to the Majorca general election next year. Nadal also explained that it is necessary for the government to make facilities available to enable city dwellers to recycle their household waste. The aim is to allow the residents of Palma to play their role in making the city cleaner and safer. The leader of the UM, who is the party's candidate for mayor, said the waste site on the industrial estate of Son Castelló is insufficient to cater for the 370'000 inhabitants of the Balearic capital. Nadal proposed a minimum of five additional waste areas situated on the industrial estates of Ciutat, Can Valero, Son Castelló, Camí de Son Fangos (zone of Son Sant Joan), Son Fuster and Son Gibert. Nadal put forward a budget of 300'000 euros to cover the project. The UM deputy, Catalina Julve, detailed the problem of household goods and electrical appliances dumped on Palma's streets. It is not uncommon to see discarded chairs and beds lent against the large green rubbish bins of Palma and at present there is no obvious location to take the unwanted items. Julve, a local councillor, put forward steps to deal with this waste. Cooking oil, batteries, telephones, ink cartridges, small electrical goods, CD's, DVD's, and furniture items are some of the items that residents will be able to discard at the new proposed waste sites.