Palma.—A four-car pile up along the airport motorway in the direction of Arenal caused traffic chaos yesterday morning.
According to the emergency services, the accident occurred at 10.21am when a driver heading into Palma apparently lost control of the vehicle and crossed the central reservation provoking the four car pile up.

Traffic was diverted through Portixol while the emergency and security services dealt with the injured and the wreckage.
Four people were seriously injured and rushed to private clinics in the capital.
The motorway was closed until 11.20am while a five kilometre traffic jam built up in the direction of Arenal.
Eventually, two carriage ways were reopened and traffic began to slowly return to normal.
But, the accident also disrupted traffic on the Via de Cintura ring road and caused a tailback of one kilometre of traffic on the Inca motorway at the Son Fuster exit.

A full investigation has now been opened.