PLAIN clothes policemen from local police and the National Police forces will be patrolling some of the main central streets of Palma as of Monday to put an end to the activities of “carnation sellers,” petty thieves and card sharps. National Police force sources confirmed that this joint initiative is thanks to the influx of reinforcements in police units who need extra help with the seasonal “Operation Summer”. This special summer project is aimed by the forces of law and order at tourist zones to cope with specialised crime.
It is also thanks to the spirit of close co-operation that exists between the two police forcea.
According to the same sources, the special plain clothes unit operating in the centre of the capital has been set up “in response to appeals and complaints received from traders in the area, principally in San Miguel, Sindicato, Olmos and Jaime III.” The patrols will operate at times when petty crime incidents are most likely to occur, and special attention will be paid to bus stops in Plaza Reina and Plaza España, “where pickpockets take advantage of people's carelessness”. In the middle of July, both police forces will meet to “evaluate the results of the joint operation and, if it is felt to be having a positive effect, to continue it throughout summer. “Additionally, if circumstances permit, the same vigilance will be extended to the Number 15 bus service - last summer, this proved most successful.” It was announced a short while ago that Guardia Civil and National Police force numbers in the Balearics will be increased during the coming months with 203 and 91 new officers, respectively, largely to cope with the afore-mentioned “Operation Summer” when a stronger police presence is required in tourist areas.