TO attract more tourists outside of the traditional summer months the Institute for Quality Tourism (IQT) and various restaurant associations are working together to design a new gastronomic route around the Balearic Islands. In total the Institute for Quality Tourism (IQT) and two Balearic restaurant unions are working on the design for three gastronomic routes.
These routes will not only be aimed at tourists, but are also hoped to be enjoyed by residents also.
It is estimated that these three new gastronomic tours will be up and running at the end of this year.
All three routes will form part of the “Gastronomy: art and culture” campaign in the Balearic Islands.
The first route will offer a tour around the traditional Balearic restuarants and bars.
The second tour will concentrate on seafood, and the third will be offering something a little special, with trips around various wine cellars to sample the local wine and cheeses. The routes will also feature additional stops, such as a visit of the cultural and historical patrimony sites, as well as visits to craft centres, markets and musical events. “Right from the beginning we have wanted to develop truly authentic cultural routes, although these routes will specifically focus on gastronomy”, said the Director of the Institute for Quality Tourism, Miguel Herández. The President of the Majorcan Cafeterias, Bars and Restuarants Associations (part of the Pinem trade union), Joan Miralles, said that “to create a new tourism product is complicated, and even more so when it is one of high quality as this is”. Each island will have distinctive differences to the routes to take into account their local and traditional gastronomy.
Different tourist profiles will also be examined and catered for on the routes.
Those eating establishments who would like to be part of these routes “do not have to be three to five star restaurants, they can be characteristic bars or simply a food stall at Sineu market”, said Joan Miralles. Although before the restaurants or bars join up to one of the routes, they will have to pass some fixed criteria which has been laid down by the Institute for Quality Tourism. The Director of the IQT, Miguel Hernández, explained that the Ministry is planning to offer other gastronomic offers, highlighting the examples of chinese and mexican food on the islands. At the same time “we want to promote the festivals and thematic gastronomy events”, he added. Such is the case for products typical of the Balearic Islands, for example Majorcan cake baking and specialities from the different seasons throughout the year.