THE Balearic government will double its drug prevent programmes during the current legislature, and some of the campaigns will be aimed at children as young as six to eight. Bartomeu Jaume, the co-ordinator of the government's drug dependency programmes, announced deetails yesterday, international day against drugs.
Particular attention will be paid to alcohol, he said, adding that at the moment his office runs campaigns against tobacco and drug consumption among schoolchildren as well as a prevention programme designed for youth club monitors. Jaume went on to say that initiatives to prevent alcoholism and others aimed at six to eight year olds would be introduced shortly. “The most important factor for preventing drug consumption is the day to day work, especially by parents and in schools,” he said. He explained that the results of these programmes cannot be seen immediately, but despite this, a survey conducted among school children last year showed that the Balearics was the region with the biggest drop in cocaine consumption and there had also been “a considerable reduction” in consumption of designer drugs. “Don't be dazzled by drugs” was the slogan at the stands set up in Plaza Mayor yesterday. It was chosen, said Jaume, in an effort “to shatter certain myths and clichés, according to which drug taking isn't dangerous.” Young people must be made aware of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, he added. A campaign against cannabis will be launched in parents associations in September because, Jaume said, perception of the risks it presents has plummeted and because its consumption can lead the way to other more destructive drugs. Visitors at the Plaza Mayor stand yesterday could also take a test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in their lungs, as part of the anti-tobacco campaign.