Palma.—Last night, the Balearic Symphony Orchestra went on strike for the first time in 25 years and boycotted performing the opera Aida at the Teatro Principal and instead performed a free protest concert in the Plaza Mayor but they will stage a second protest concert on Sunday night in the Plaza Mayor.

Yesterday, the orchestra issued this manifesto: “Dear orchestra season-ticket holders and audience.
The musicians and staff of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra wish to inform you of the critical situation in which the orchestra finds itself.
The orchestra's current artistic success contrasts sharply with its financial situation. Our patrons - the Balearic Government, Palma Council and the Council of Majorca – have slashed funding so badly that the orchestra will simply be unable to continue functioning as it has up until now.

The orchestra's representatives have met on several occasions with the patrons in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict, but as things stand, we have NO FUTURE, no activities. No festival at Bellver Castle has been presented, nor has the 2013-14 season, and WITH OUR CURRENT FUNDING, THE ORCHESTRA WILL CEASE TO EXIST AFTER JULY. Our patrons have presented NO viability plan, nothing to enable the orchestra to continue its job of offering its audience and society in general its services – bringing wonderful music to life.

For this reason, we will be holding two concerts in the Plaza Mayor under the motif ‘Back the Simfònica – Back the Arts' the second of which will be on Sunday, coinciding with the strike action announced for the performances of the opera Aida at the Teatro Principal.

We hope to count on your support – the orchestra belongs to all of us.”