MOST of us are glad to see the hot weather finally arrive. But it's important to take some precautions to keep cool as the mercury continues to rise.
This Monday, the Balearic Department of Health launches its annual campaign to keep healthy in the heat. Though the campaign is aimed at the whole population of the islands, at this time of year, the elderly, those with illnesses, young children and those who work outside are particularly at risk. This year, an extra 18 doctors, eight nurses and four non-health workers have been recruited to better attend to cases with problems relating to the heat at a cost of 468'256 euros.

Besides the launch of the campaign and the extra staff, the Department has put in place a warning system that is comprised of four levels, each corresponding to the degree of risk the heat and sun poses to our health.

At the bottom of the scale is Level 0 or Green, which means there is no risk. Next is Level 1 or Yellow, which corresponds to low risk. Level 2 or Orange means medium risk. Finally, Level 3 or Red means high risk.

Among the measures that the public can take to stay safe in the heat are to consume plenty of liquids, especially water; avoid eating too much, wear loose clothing; make sure food is kept properly refrigerated; and avoid the sun between 12pm and 4pm.


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