By Humphrey Carter


NEXT month, British company Sloane Helicopters, which has been operating at Son Bonet airfield on the outskirts of Palma since 1995, is to start operating a brand new helicopter charter service.

Sloane Helicopters has been in operation for over 30 years in the UK. It is based in Sywell, Northampton and has invested over four million euros in the new service which will be operated using a brand new Agusta 109 Power helicopter and will be the only charter service of this kind in the Balearics.

The Agusta 109 Power is Italian designed and built so apart from looking impressive, it is one of the fastest civilian helicopters, although it is also used by the military.

Sloane Helicopters's Chief Pilot, Jonny Greenall, said yesterday that the company is very excited about the new venture which has quite simply come about in order to meet demand. “With our seven-strong fleet of two and four-seater Robinson helicopters, apart from pilot training, we do a lot of airport transfers on the island but we've been receiving an increasing number of calls from potential clients who either have to get to a neighbouring island or somewhere on the mainland in an emergency or for business or would like to fly across to Minorca or Ibiza, or wherever, in style.” Being able to seat six passengers, the prices are going to be competitive and the Agusta will be flown by a British pilot.
With a maximum speed of 285 kilometres per hour and range of 948 kilometres, the Agusta can remain airbourne for 4 hours 51 minutes.
So, from Son Bonet airfield, its potential range of destinations are numerous.
For over 40 years, Sloane Helicopters has remained in the same private ownership of its Chairman, David George who has owned a house on the island for many years.

Over those years, the company has built an enviable reputation, lifelong relationships with Customers, and are proud to be the preferred choice of the VIP and Corporate market, as well as a leading supplier of helicopters to the Ministry of Defence, Police Air Units and Air Ambulance Operations.


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