Palma.—The Red Cross alongside the Majorcan Social Affairs Institute (IMAS) and the Council of lMajorca, have agreed a new plan of action to tackle the problem which has now reached alarming levels, with families on the verge of becoming not only homeless but socially excluded. “We intend to provide an answer to one of the most alarming situations since the early days of IMAS: the risk of people becoming homeless. It is a problem that is creating a feeling of general panic, and leaves people involved at serious risk of being socially excluded by condemning them to the boarders of society,” said Maria Salom, President of the Council of Majorca.

The three groups agreed that under the new plan the Red Cross will provide manpower and infrastructures while the Council of Majorca will put forward 500.000 euros through a support programme (Espai) in order to try and achieve a “Majorca free of people at risk of losing their houses.” The new programme is destined to families who for several reasons might be at risk of being evicted either because of failure to pay their mortgages or their rent.

The idea is to help them so they can continue to live in their homes or in extreme cases, where drastic measures have already been taken by the authorities, provide them with support and avoid social exclusion. Alenya stressed that many of these people were middle class not so long ago and that the crisis has now led them to the verge of eviction.

The groups have also agreed to meet every two weeks to coordinate and monitor the efforts between them.


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