Palma.— Discounts currently ranging between 30 and 50 percent are expected to attract plenty of custom over the weekend, said Pimeco President Bernat Coll.

He said that shoppers will have plenty of choice because low sales this season have meant that there is still about 42 percent of summer stock left on the shelves. This means, said Coll, there will be a wide range of styles and sizes for bargain hunters to select from in the clothes, shoes and accessories sector.

It's clear, the President said that people have deliberately been waiting for the Sales in order to make essential purchases and it will be a time for businesses to “make money.” He acknowledged however, that even healthy takings during the campaign aren't going to solve the economic crisis hitting the retail trade. “For the past three years,” Coll claimed “shops have been selling less and less. There's going to be no quick fix for them.” A fine time to sell
Pimeco's President said that it was unlikely that the weather would be factor in dampening the Sales campaign. When it's fine and sunny, he said, people are much more likely to get down to the shops than when it's raining..

Coll said that this season's Sales are expected to be more successful than previous years, despite predictions being made by the Consumers' Association, Facua that individual spending in the Sales will fall by around a fifth in comparison with last year.

Asked about sales figures released by Pimeco covering the month of May this year which showed an 18 million euro upturn on those of the previous month, Coll remarked that this surge is typical for the time of year in the Majorcan economy.