THE Playa de Palma is the only beach in the Balearic Islands that witnesses a daily flux of more than 20'000 bathers. It is in fact closer to 30'000 (26'587). The scale of these statistics is followed by the Bay of Alcudia with 18'501 daily users. Strangely, this second beach shows a slightly higher occupancy level: 11'195 people against 11'094 in the Bay of Palma. The surface area of both beaches is similar, measuring more than 200'000 square metres. Another notable case is Cala Agulla in the municipality of Capdepera. With a surface area of only 21'686 square metres, 5'569 visitors use this beach on a daily basis with a peak point of 3'061. If we compare this with Es Trenc, Cala Agulla comes out very unfavourably. Es Trenc, with more than double the surface area (59'768 square metres) witnesses less bathers: 4'511 a day and a peak point of 3'333. Son Saura and Benirràs show clear cases of saturation. With areas significantly smaller than those just mentioned, 11'563 and 4'392 square metres, respectively, they receive an influx of 2'581 and 1'447 bathers daily. Only sa Canova, es Bot, es Grau and Son Bou are beaches not reaching saturation point.


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