THE President of the Council of Majorca, María Antonia Munar commented yesterday at the final plenary session of the present legislature, that these last four years in power, apart from witnessing improved financial control, “will be remembered as an important evolutionary step towards self-government in Majorca”, thanks to laws passed by the Balearic Parliament. Munar is also head of Majorcan Union and will return this coming Friday to resume the leadership of the Council, following the elections of last May. She made these declarations in the corridors of the Council of Majorca when the final plenary session had finished. The meeting had as its only businesss yesterday the approval of Minutes of the previous meeting.
During the short session which lasted only a few minutes, Munar thanked the contribution made during the last four years by all political groups and commented on the “good inter-party relations” that had enabled projects to be carried forward. She particularly congratulated members of the Partido Popular who have been named ministers and president in the new Balearic government. In the presence of journalists, Munar considered the period of office just finished had been a “very positive” one because “we have managed to approve very important items of legislation” and she pointed to the “evolutionary development” achieved in relation to self-governing issues that were passed by the Council of Majorca during this time. Without doubt, the previous term of office “will be remembered for having given this movement a chance to grow towards the all-important goal of self-government in Majorca”. María Antonia Munar will return as President of the Council thanks to the arrangement arrived at with the victorious Partido Popular, for government in Majorca during the next four years. It is confirmed that Majorcan Union will alone lead the Island Council. Speaking with journalists, Munar did not want to release the names of the members of the new Executive which, she said, were not written down on any piece of paper because she was carrying them all ”in her head”.


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