Palma.—Unemployement in the Balearics Islands has slumped in the past month, making it now eight consecutive months of decrease, according to figures published this week by the Employment and Social Security services.

This year there are 6, 543 more people emplyed, some 8.5 percent more compared to the same period in 2012.
The good news doesn´t stop there with figures showing that those under 25 years of age have found it easier to find a job during the month of May, with 33.961 more youngsters employed compared to last year.

Of those still out of a job, men are still the ones more affected with 36.878, some 52 percent still jobless, compared to 33.856 women, a figure around the 47.86%.

Foreigners in the Balearics Islands also have reasons to smile with 1.024 employed in May, a decrease of over 18 percent compared to June last year when records showed there were 13.867 foreigners out of a job. From those still looking for work, 70%, or 9.749, are from countries outside the European Union and some 30% from within.

Although June is traditionally a good month for employment figures with the beginning of seasonal job offers, this year's figures are better than ever. Overall in Spain, unemployement decreased for the fourth consecutive month. Jobs in the public sector showed the highest levels of employement, followed by Industry, and Agriculture.


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