A NEW initiative at Palma airport to help boost the tourism industry in Majorca has been launched.
Now when tourists land at the Palma airport they will be faced with a welcome panel full with images of Majorca.
It is hoped that these new signs and posters will show the beauty the island has to offer, as well as giving the tourists a good first impression of the area. The Minister for Balearic Tourism, Joan Flaquer, and the Palma airport Director, Nemesio Suárez, yesterday presented this “welcome” campaign.
In total, twenty panels showing varied images and countryside of Majorca have been placed at key points in the arrival section of the airport.
The panels, which measure 3 x 5 metres, all include the word ”welcome” in five languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, German and French).
These panels will be the first thing the tourists see when they leave the airplane.
This campaign has been organised by the Balearic Tourism Institute and the Spanish Airport Authorities (AENA).
The Spanish Airport Authorities has granted these airport spaces free of charge to the Balearic Tourism Institute.
The objective of the campaign is to give this first positive image of the island to as many tourists as possible.
As well as beach settings on these panels, there are also photos of small island villages, as well as cultural and sporting events, which will help tourists to appreciate the diversity of touristic and cultural offerings which the island has. The campaign is part of the Balearic Government efforts, through Ibatur (Balearic Tourism Institute) to restore the positive image of Majorca by tourists. Nemesio Suarez highlighted the importance of this project to boost tourism on the island.


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