Palma.—Although the aim of most holiday makers to Majorca is to come home with a sun tan, a survey released yesterday showed that many get a longer lasting memory of their holidays; a baby.

According to the survey of 2'000 people eighteen percent of women admitted to falling pregnant whilst on holiday.
Top 5 conception holiday hotspots
Spain was top of the list of holiday spots in which Brits concieve with a whopping 19 percent getting more than they bargained for, followed by Britain with 15 percent for what has now become known as the “stacation”, France came in at third place with 12 percent saying they concieved there, Italy was fourth with nine percent adding to their family there and in fifih place was Portugal with seven percent .

The research, conducted by stated that conception rumours have fuelled holidaymakers travel decisions, with five pe4rcent saying they were inspired to make the trip to Singapore following the rumours that the Royal baby was concieved there.

Others admitted to travelling to Brooklyn for Victoria Beckham, Rome for Kim Kardashian and Paris for singing super star Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z. As all of the above were rumoured to or have admitted concieving in the City and Victoria and David Beckham left little room for doubt when naming their eldest after the American city of Brooklyn. Laura Watts of said: “It's incredible to see celebrity conceptions are influential for some Brits when looking to book their next holiday - who knows where the next hotspot will be.” She went on to say “ We can see which destinations bring out our amorous side, especially in men, resulting in a holiday memory that will last a lifetime.” Sex is often a topic that comes up in holiday survey's but today's give a more positive angle, than others.
Previous research has suggested that one in 20 holidaymakers have returned home with a sexually transmitted disease.
They also found that a astonishing, quarter of those surveyed admitted to having sex on the beach with a stranger on holiday, as well as 40 percent of men and 32 percent of women admitting to having sex on the beach whilst on holiday! A spokesman from the foreign office issued a clear message to Brits travelling abroad and said: “Travellers should practice safe sex at all times. It's advisable to take condoms with you as quality varies in different countries. HIV and Aids, and other sexually transmitted diseases can be caught worldwide.”


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