Palma.—Sean Connolly from Ocean TV explained yesterday that 17 July is the day on which the rocket carrying the new sister satellite to the one currently in operation, takes off.

The current satellite has been in operation since the middle of last December and apparently, some clients have actually witnessed a boost to their signals.

Sean recommends that satellite viewers sit tight for the moment. “We are pretty sure that viewers in the North, Pollensa, Alcudia, Arta and Calla Millor will probably lose some channels, but we really will not know until early August when the first tests on the signal are carried out. The case could be that the new signal is 15 to 230 percent stronger, or it could be 15 to 20 percent stronger and the latter means that viewers in the north, north east of Majorca and virtually across Minorca will have to upgrade with bigger dishes,” Sean explain ed.

It appears that the litmus test is Channel 5, if viewers can still access the channel, they are not experiencing any problems, it is going to be when they lose Channel 5 that they could be facing complications with their signal. “But, until we know for sure, there's no need to worry and start upgrading dishes because, in the worst case scenario, just for the sake of watching Channel 5, viewers may have to upgrade yet again once the switch over has taken place on around 16 September,” he stressed.


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