By Humphrey Carter

THE Bulletin has this week received a number of calls from readers complaining about the alleged lack of control over recreational craft in the Calvia area this summer and yesterday the Guardia Civil confirmed that there is a problem this summer.

Guardia Civil sources said yesterday that during the first few weeks of the summer season, they have experienced a 20 percent increase in complaints from swimmers, sunbathers and yacht skippers about jet skis, small high-speed launches, jet ribs and surfers coming too close to the beach and other nautical craft. The majority of the complaints correspond to incidents in Palma Nova and Magalluf, where bathers are supposed to be protected in restricted zones from which jets skis and the like are banned. However, it appears that these perimeters are being increasingly ignored and the Guardia Civil admit that a minority of selfish people are causing serious problems this season and posing a severe danger to swimmers and small craft
According to the Local Police the banana and sausage boats have had its ropes towing tourists slashed by jet skiers passing over them on a number of occasions. Local Police and Guardia Civil sources revealed that, thanks to most people taking their mobile telephone with them to the beach, complaints are being made more often, enabling the security services to react and respond much quicker.

However, should the complaints continue, the police and the local authority are considering launching a new nautical patrol in the area to keep a close check on the activities of jet skiers and other recreational craft.

In the meantime, the authorities are urging people to continue co-operating and phoning in their complaints.


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