A SYSTEM designed to make sure motorists are alert and aware of the dangers around them when they drive has been designed by a group of UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) students.

The system, designed by the Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence Unit of the university, is reliable, low-cost and is ready to be adapted for any model of car on the market, according to a statement released yesterday by the university.

The project, which in its first phase, was designed to put in place a mechanism that monitors potentially dangerous situations during driving and that can send warning signals to the driver and a control centre.

The software, once installed in the car, monitors the face and body of the driver using an internal camera to determine potentially fatal variations, such as sleep. The outside of the car is also fitted with cameras to monitor any irregular movement of the vehicle. One camera is fitted at the back to monitor any objects or vehicles that could be a danger to the driver when he is manoeuvring the vehicle. The software advises the drivers of situations that may provoke accidents or crashes and of vehicles that are approaching at excessive speed through a series of acoustic and visual signals.

The second phase of the project, which has yet to begin, centres on designing software that can control the car if the driver gives no sign of having received a warning signal.

The development of the project will allow people with reduced mobility, the disabled and elderly to drive safely, according to the university.


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