THE Balearic Government has still not decided whether to refloat the Don Pedro, which sank off the coast of Ibiza a year ago.
The Minister for the Interior, Maria Angeles Leciñena, said yesterday that the decision would be taken when technical experts had fully analysed both possibilities and be based on “criteria of environmental protection”.

A team of experts is currently studying the damage to the environment that would result from leaving the wreck on the seafloor and if it would be better or worse to try to refloat the merchant ship.

The company that has been contracted to study what is the best possible course of action has already finished its work but the joint commission that will analyse its findings will not publish its final decision until September. It was a year ago yesterday that the Don Pedro sank about a mile from the port of Ibiza.

The President of the Council of Ibiza, Xico Tarres, believes it is only possible to attribute the accident to “human error”.
More information about the causes of the accident will be known at the end of the month when the current phase of the judicial investigation comes to an end.

An action taken by various public bodies and institutions, including the Balearic Government, against the owners of the ship, Iscomar, for the over 1 million euros they have to fork out so far in relation the accident is also ongoing, according to the Minister for the Presidency, Albert Moragues, yesterday.

Moragues referred to the large number of bodies involved in the rescue and clean-up operation.