by Staff Reporter
TWENTY-FIVE service stations in the Balearics are now selling lead-free 95 octane petrol - the most commonly used - at more than one euro a litre, at 1.001 euros to be exact. This is the first time in the Balearics that 95 octane petrol has gone above one euro a litre.
According to the latest figures from the ministry of industry, the average price of 95 octane petrol in the Balearics is 0.993 euros a litre. The minimum is 0.993 and the maximum 1.001 euros. The ministry figures show that the State average is the same as that for the Balearics, but the minimum price is lower, at 0.839 euros and the maximum is higher, at 1.035 euros a litre. The average prices of other petrols and diesel are slowly creeping up to record levels.
Lead-free 98 octane petrol is already costing more than 1 euro, prices ranging from between 1.089 to 1.116 euros a litre.
The increase is attributed to the rise in the cost of crude oil, which has rallied after the slight drop caused by the terrorist attacks in London.
In the first week of July, the cost of all types of petrol in Spain has gone up by nearly one euro cent.
Some have gone up even more, such as the new 97 octane, which has gone from 92.3 cents to 1.073 euros a litre, a rise of more than 16 per cent.
Diesel has gone up from 80.8 cents on January 3 to 93.3 cents.


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