EVERY year there is intense work carried out at the Pollentia Roman Archaeological Site, but this summer things have accelerated at a faster speed thanks to an increase in the budget. The organisers and participants are much more excited this summer as they will be able to do excavations for a period of three months, which will help to advance the discoveries. This has been made possible thanks to an increase in the budget. This summer the archaeological campaign has been able to use money that the Balearic Government, Council of Majorca and town council loaned lent to buy the old Fundacion Bryant in Alcudia. “In this way, we have finally achieved the finance which will allow us to carry out a more thorough campaign”, said Miquel Llompart, local councillor for Patrimony. Furthermore, the campaign this year has the extra support from students who have recently arrived from Europe and America to help out with the excavations for one month. During the other two months when there will be no students to help, it will then be down to the directors, participants and technical experts to uncover the excavations.


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