AIRPORT security systems at the Palma airport this week collapsed under the weight of the high number of passengers using the airport coupled with the increased security measures that have been put in place recently in airports all over Europe. Airport travellers who wanted to leave Palma were faced with huge queues at the security control areas.
Before they were able to reach the departure lounge, they had to face a delay of up to half an hour.
Travellers who were affected by these delays, were upset and angry at the airport authorities, who had not increased the number of security staff or brought out more screening systems in this busy and crucial time of the year. The whole of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, stepped up the security efforts at all airports after last week's terrorist attacks in London.
This focus on airport security has had serious repercussions for all the airports.
The high security measures, although necessary, mean a headache and a hassle for the travellers.
As it is necessary to pass through the screening arcs before they get to the departure lounges, people must bear with the delay, which this week has risen to a half an hour waiting time in Palma airport.


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