THE stage of the building work for the new Palma Aquarium, which is being built and developed by the Coral World International company, was yesterday presented. The objective of this new installation is “to add value to the Ses Fontanelles wetlands and will totally respect the high ecological values”, said the spokesperson for the Palma Aquarium, Javier Muntaner. In addition, the spokesperson denied that the Aquarium will damage marine fauna and vegetation in the area. This new project is being developed in the Ses Fontanelles area, on the outskirts of the paseo maritimo of the Playa de Palma, and is expected to be complete during 2006. The Palma Aquarium will cost around 23 million euros to build and will also grant 200 jobs for local residents. With respects to the Ses Fontanelles wetlands, the Coral World objective is to install the Aquarium on the boundary of the wetlands so that visitors “can view the area and local birds and not interfere with the normal development of the high-value area.” In no way does the project want to damage the Ses Fontanelles wetlands, repeated the spokesperson. On the other hand, the aquarium will progressively introduce species into the area according to their adaptability, said Javier Muntaner.
It has recently been noted that the aquarium would mean an excess of mosquitos in the area, but the spokesperson said that this “is impossible” as “the water has been extracted from the sea and has been deposited in pools, there are never mosquitos near this water”.


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