THE 112 emergency services yesterday repeated its recommendations to deal with the next heatwave, which is expected to hit the islands today and last over the weekend. Night-time temperatures on the island are expected to stay above the 23ºC mark and daytime temperatures will be over 37 degrees.
The advice from the emergency services department states that if people have to work outdoors, then they should work during the cooler hours of the day, take regular breaks in the shade and always try to be with someone. Other advice is to drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty, to wear light and airy clothes, to protect the head, eat light meals frequently, and avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks. In addition the service recommends that people on the island eat cold meals, such as salads and fruit, rather than hot, heavy dishes.
Hats, caps and plenty of suncream should always be worn when in the sun.
Physical exercise should be kept to a minimum during the heat of the day and better saved for first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
The 112 service also focused on the needs of the elderly and children, who should drink plenty of water and must not be left inside vehicles.
The same advice also applies to pets.
The 112 emergency service department also lists a set of measures which people should take to keep the house cool and beat this summer's heatwave.
Firstly, people should keep windows and blinds closed. Secondly, residents should air the house at night.
Lastly, it is advised to use air conditioners with moderation.


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