Palma.—After almost a year of inactivity, construction work on Palma's Convention Centre is due to resume in September or October at the latest, Mayor Mateo Isern announced yesterday.

The project was stopped after the government ran into financial troubles and stopped paying the subcontractors (Acciona) who were doing the work.
A situation the mayor now says is close to being resolved. “We are close to an agreement to finally resolve the Convention Centre situation,” said Isern, who is confident the 36 million euros and last outstanding payments to the company will be paid, even if he was not able to confirm the origin of those funds. “The Centre will go ahead and it will have the funding necessary to proceed one way or the other.” The mayor also critisised the previous government for the delays in the whole process pointing out that they had access to 20 million euros but they chose to use it in other projects, leaving the centre only half built and raising concerns about the safety of the site, the possibility of squatters and drug addicts taking over the place and aside from all that the bad image the massive abandoned concrete jungle is giving to tourists.

With the process due to be resumed crews are once again ready to return work.
Mateo Isern predicted the Centre will take around a year to complete from the moment building works resume.
The mayor, who is due a visit from Tourism and Energy minister Jose Manuel Soria, said he would discuss the funding issue with Soria, confirming the Balearic government asked for statutory funds to be made available although they were not sure, if they will be available for this year's budget or only in 2015.


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