By Humphrey Carter
THE majority of young Europeans would like to do nothing better this summer than spend it on a Balearic beach with either the leading Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie or the Real Madrid star and England football captain David Beckham. What is more, the Balearics' beaches are the most popular destinations for holiday romance-seeking young Europeans.
According to the results of the Hawaiian Tropic Hot Beaches 2005 survey, which canvassed 5'000 people aged between 16 and 30 in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain this Spring, the Balearics' beaches are the “hottest” spot, beating the Greek Islands into second place and with France's Costa Azul, Andalucia's Costa del Sol and the Italian Riveira being nudged into third, fourth and fifth places respectively. What is more, summer romance or not, they all appear to have their summer fantasies.
The most popular fantasy beach partners for the majority of males canvassed are Angelina Jolie and singer Beyoncé while the vast majority of women would appear to be quite happy with either David Beckham or actor Orlando Bloom helping them with their sun cream.
Chance would be a fine thing!
However, apart from having the most popular beaches for a little romance, it can be assumed from the results of the survey that the Balearics also has the most attractive beach guards. Topping the list of “unfamous” sex-symbols are beach guards who polled a massive 74 percent in popularity.
Surfers polled just 20 percent while barmen and waiters managed just six percent.
So, what are Europe's 16 to 30-year-old summer romance hunters wearing this year.
It appears that this summer, it is the tanga which is most popular with the males (58 percent).
The bikini polled 33 percent while the relatively new “trikinis” have still yet to have an impact with just nine percent expressing a preference.
For the women, bermuda shorts are still the big eye-catcher (64 percent), boxer shorts proved popular with 21 percent while men in the traditional “slip” are not too popular, just 11 percent of women canvassed expressed a preference, while men in tangas, not surprisingly, are even less pleasing on the eye, polling just four percent. The results of the survey can be either considered bad news for those sections of the Balearic tourism industry which is trying to boost alternative holiday markets to the traditional sun, sea and sangria trade or good news for the industry as it looks long term and plans for the future with the Balearics proving such a huge attraction to Europe's youngsters. What is more, the chances of bumping into the likes of Jolie, Beyoncé, Beckham or Orlando Bloom in the Balearics are not as slim as some people might think. The islands are as popular as ever with the world's top celebrities, film stars, models and sports personalities - but whether you will bump into them on the beach is another thing all together.


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