THERE are no mafia groups or organised crime groups in the Balearic Islands, said the central government representative, Ramon Socias, yesterday.
The creation of a specialised unit of the Guardia Civil to deal with organised crime is only “preventative”, since there are “still” no mafia groups operating on the islands, he confirmed. This is different to other areas of Spain, where organised crime is part of the daily life, he added. The creation of a specialised team of the Guardia Civil is still in the planning stages.
Unlike other areas of Spain, such as Costa del Sol where the team carries out “curative actions”, as there is a distinct and growing number of organised crime groups, the Balearic Islands will only need this team as a precautionary method. The announcement to create a new team against mafia groups was announced by the Minister of the Interior, José Antonio Alonso.
The final creation of the team will be determined by any dangerous situations which could arise on the islands at the hands of organised crime groups, Ramon Socias said yesterday. This new force of the Guardia Civil will deal with any threats by mafia type groups and will also warn the authorities about any situations which have taken place in other areas where the mafia are in operation. The east coast of Spain already has one of these specialised Guardia Civil teams.


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