THE workforce of the Local Police in Playa de Palma has been reinforced with an additional 58 officers for the summer season, which is 8 more officers than the same time last year. The aim of this summer boost is to ensure that there is more police presence in this popular tourist resort, and so that people feel more safer on the streets, said Maite Jiménez, who presented the new workforce yesterday. The increase in local police officers in this area has reduced the number of different crime activities, such as “trile” (three-card game), said Jose Antonio Bravo, Major of the Territorial Unit at Playa de Palma. The constant threat of police on the streets is the only way to stop this type of activity, he added. Furthermore, the additional police presence in Playa de Palma has allowed the local police force to keep an eye on those establishments which did not obey noise and closing time laws. In total, there are now 105 local police officers this summer in Playa de Palma, 66 of them are officers, 26 are tourist police, 10 officials and 3 assistant inspectors. There will be ten officers working during the quieter times of the day and 22 during the busiest times of the day (between 10pm and 2am).


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