Palma.—Yesterday, the Mayor of Calvia, Manu Ovieva, who has come under criticism this Summer for not doing enough to improve security in Magalluf, announced that eight members of the Local Police are going to be immediately stationed on Punta Ballena, alias the strip.

While the number of incidents between British holiday makers has been relatively low this year, it appears that the highly organised and violent street prostitutes and street drug dealers are the fresh problems facing tourists simply looking to have a good time.

So, as of immediate effect, the eight uniformed officers will be on the beat up and down Punta Ballena every night between midnight and 5am.
The Bulletin understands that two other officers will be on similar night patrols in the Ramon de Moncada area of Santa Ponsa.
All of these new night patrols will have the full support and back up of the Guardia Civil and the number of plain clothed officers on the beat has also been increased.

Apparently, the mayor, has spent the past few days in talks with various associations and entities in Magalluf, including the hoteliers and the security forces, searching for effective ways in stepping up security to make sure that everybody has a safe and fun time.

And, across the country Spanish police have launched a campaign to sensitize young foreign tourists about the dangers of popular activities such as jumping off hotel balconies into swimming pools, known as balconing. ‘'Fun must not end in tragedy'' says the campaign slogan against a plethora of reckless activities. Social media are awash with amateur videos documenting these feats of daring.

In Majorca, a British 19-year-old is fighting for his life after a balconing challenge went awry last Saturday.


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