Palma.— Last month British, German, Russian, Italian and Scandinavian tourists arrived in the Balearics in masses, breaking the record in the region. Over 1.7 million tourists visited at least one of the four islands, an increase of 9% compared to 2012, according to reports from the Tourism department, meaning that 27 percent of the tourists who decided to visit Spain last month chose the Balearics as their prime destination.

The number of British tourists went up by 10.5%, helping the Balearics reach the record figure and delivering good news to tourism authorities, who also confirmed, on the other hand, that the number of Spanish nationals visiting the islands went down. Overall, in the first six months of this year, 4.263.111 tourists visited the region, and authorities have confirmed, the number is set to increase even further during July, August and September, given the number of hotel rooms, and number of flights already booked. Jose Manuel Soria, the Minister for Tourism and Industry this week in Palma expressed his delight with the previsions, expressing his satisfaction for the “good health of foreign tourism”.

But, as the Bulletin reported yesterday, such euphoria is not shared by the British tourist industry which has recently seen the market flat line and, in some areas, actually shrink.


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