THE local ministry for health yesterday warned of the dangers of jellyfish and called on bathers not to hesitate to call the emergency services if they had been stung.

Four large banks of jellyfish have been detected off the coast of the Balearics in recent days and scientists have claimed that the number of jellyfish in local waters will continue to rise thanks to global warming.

The local ministry for health have published a series of safety guidelines for bathers if they are stung. One of the best ways to deal with a sting is to wash the wound with sea-water, according to the ministry of health.

The ministry also warned bathers yesterday that if they were planning to go to beaches where jellyfish had been spotted it was best to take a small bottle of vinegar. “Vinegar is one of the best ways to deal with the sting. A few drops of vinegar on a piece of cotton wool will ease the pain and also combat any infections. The Ministry for Health also said that beach-goers should not hesitate to contact the emergency services if they thought the wound was serious.


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