Palma.—The former President of the Council of Majorca, Speaker of the Balearic Parliament and President of the now defunct Majorca Unionist Party she founded in 1982, was sentenced to six years in jail on Tuesday for her involvement in the Can Domenge property development scam while President of both the Council of Majorca and her party.

Four other senior members of Maria Antonio Munar's party and the Council of Majorca also received jail terms ranging from six months to four year after they were found to have been involved aswell.

One, the former Balearic Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal, was handed a four year term.
All have five days to lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court in Madrid but yesterday was a poignant day in the history of Balearic politics.
Apart from the high profile positions Munar held during her political career, she had always been the king maker, often holding the cards to coalition governments with the UM having served as part of Balearic coalition governments on both sides of the political fence.

Yesterday, the public prosecution in the Can Domenge case recommended that Munar be held on remand amidst fears that she may try to flee the country and the Balearic High Court ruled in favour of the prosecution.

Police car What is more, Munar had already been sentenced to a five-and-a-half year jail term for her involvement in the alleged corruption case known as Caso Maquillaje (Make up Case).

The High Court read out is ruling at 3pm and at 3.45pm, Munar was driven out of the High Court in an unmarked police car through a crowd shouting “thief, go to prison.” Over the next few days, her fellow party members who have also been found guilty of alleged corruption are expected to be ordered to be held on remand, especially the former Balearic Minister for Tourism, Miguel Nadal, who has also been sentenced for his role in the Caso Voltor corruption scandal.

According to the prosecution yesterday, due to the fact that Munar is already facing a total of over 11 years in jail and with other cases still being investigated, having funds deposited overseas could tempt her to leave the country.

She could be looking at further sentences of between two and six years for bribery which is currently being investigated.
Munar, however, denied having investments overseas.
She claimed they had all been frozen as part of the investigation and that, for health reasons, she had no intention of leaving the country.
On Tuesday, Munar was found guilty of prevarication, fraud and making confidential information available during the process of the sale of the Can Domenge plot of land in Palma on which some 600 homes were going to be built.

The investigation centred around the fact that certain senior Majorcan Unionist Party members of the Council of Majorca and the Balearic government apparently took back handers when it came to the sale of the property.

Responsible The investigation was sparked by the development company which offered double the price the Council of Majorca finally sold the plot for and on Tuesday, the Palma High Court held Munar ultimately responsible for the sale of the plot of land for just 30 million to a company called Sacresa while its competitor was offering nearly double.


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