Palma.—Hotels in Majorca have called on the Balearic government to explain the different water rates between the different municipalities.
Aurelio Vasquez, president of the Hotel Federation of Majorca says this problem is not new but no one seems to want to resolve it. “Our complaints are historic. No mayor has ever responded to our demands for transparency and discipline in this process.” Hoteliers are not happy with the different water rates hotels are charged and don't understand how the rating system works, explaining that in some cases the difference in price from one hotel to the other can reach up to 50% with no apparent reason.

They also don't agree that water companies can raise prices without any economic justification, claiming that in Alcudia for example the price was raised by 35%.

Hoteliers have decided to go ahead with a legal process after seemingly having run out of solutions for the problem and classifying the behaviour of the administrative companies as wild and shameless.

Or there is a change or there will be no profit
Vasquez pointed out that hotels in Majorca have alreadybeen hit hard by new measures put in place by the government and that their profits this year will not be proportional to the increase in the number of tourists staying in their hotels.

Vasquez added that the issue about the water rates is affecting everyone and hotels and businesses are demanding that the rates be equal for everyone. “A new water law must be approved. “The government must be more coherent, transparent and homogenous,” he was said to have commented yesterday.


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