Crossroad criticism

THE project to build an underground bypass crossroads in Felanitx, so that it goes beneath the train lines, will be starting at the end of this September or beginning of October. These construction works are valued at 3.7 million euros, of which 120'000 euros has been set aside for expopriation funds which will be paid to a dozen of affected residents. However the politicians in a Manacor council meeting held yesterday were very critical of this project. The Majorcan Socialist Party spokesperson, Margalida Capó and the Socialist spokesperson, Julia Roman were two such politicians. “We do not agree with this project because it has not been thought through properly, since the train comes from Arta and Cala Rajada”, said Margalida Capo. This is a “monumental” project which “does not respond to the needs to solve the problem” added Ramon.

Fall costs council

THE Inca town council will pay during this year and next compensation totalling a little over 60'000 euros to Catalina Coll. This resident in Inca suffered serious injuries when in July 2002 she fell on the pavement in the road near to the new PAC public health centre. She fell as the pavement was in a bad state of repair and there was no lighting in the area. As a result of the fall Catalina Coll was off work during a whole year and she still has problems with the movement of her arm. Although the woman's accident was a serious one, it must be highlighted that due to the bad state of the roads and pavements in Inca, there have been many accidents in the last couple of years. Many cars have been damaged by the many pot holes in the roads in Inca. However, Inca town council only had to pay one compensation claim in 2003 for the sum of 6'500 euros for damage due to the bad state of the pavements and roads. The political opposition parties severely criticise this situation and ask for more money to be spent on the roads and pavements in Inca.

Land up for sale

THE Santa Maria town council are going to be putting a plot of council land up for auction. The land in question is a plot measuring 2'070 square metres, and it is hoped the sale will fetch a sum of 700'000 euros. Once sold, the town council plan to invest this money into improving the town, such as adequate car parking space in Plaza de la Vila. “Once we know the exact quantity that we have available, then we will be able to decide what the money is used for. In any case, it will be used to improve aspects of Santa Maria”, said the Mayoress, Rosa Vich.

Cinema plans
SANT LLORENÇ THE shortage of adequate places for the younger residents to socialise and do activities, has forced the town council to speed up steps to purchase the old Rigal de Sant Llorenç cinema. Regional councillors and a municipal architect recently paid a visit to the old cinema so that they can negotiate the future sale. The price of this building “varies between 250'000 and 300'000 euros”, said Mateu Puigros, the Mayor of Sant Llorenç. One of the main questions which still has not been answered by the council is “whether the building occupied by the Rigal cinema will be renovated or demolished. Firstly it will be necessary to carry out a study in order to determine the future building needs”, he added. The town council hope to not only offer films, but also have a multi-purpose cultural centre, which could be used for presentations, concerts and festivals.

Threat of demolition

THE Council of Majorca has refused to classify the Franciscan Ca ses Monges building as a Cultural Interest Site, after the residents association sent a petition to help save this piece of history from being demolished. According to the Council, the building does not comply with any of the conditions or precise technical criterias. “We base our conclusions on technical criterias and not sentimental aspects”, said Joan Josep Mas, Director for the Historic Patrimony. The Badalona Promocions Bada-Llars company was awarded the demolition permit for this building.


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