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THE taxi service in Alcudia is receiving many complaints from tourists and residents asking the town council to have more available taxis on the roads.

The taxi users yesterday complained to the Bulletin's sister newspaper Ultima Hora about the bad taxi service.
One such person affected by the service, who preferred to keep his identity to himself, said that “on the market days (Tuesday and Sunday) between 11am and 4pm there are huge queues at the Alcudia taxi rank, with people waiting between one hour and one hour and a half to return to their hotels”.

One hour waiting for taxi
THIS same person added that the situation also takes place “every night at the Port of Alcudia taxi rank”.
Furthermore, this person said that during the last twenty years the accomodation capacity in Alcudia has increased a lot, “but the same has not happened in the taxi industry to cover the demands, which is totally insufficient”.

In response, the local councillor for Resident's Safety, Francesc Cladera, said that he understands about these taxi complaints, “but it is a problem that only happens during the peak hours”.

Francesc Cladera said that “during the day there are no problems in finding a free taxi”.
In addition the local councillor for Resident's Safety said that the Alcudia town council “is planning on creating five or six new taxi licences to add to the already 49 taxi licences which currenly exist in Alcudia”.

However, he added “what we cannot do is have 200 taxis during the two months of summer, which is when there is peak demand, and then in winter let these taxi drivers sit and twiddle their thumbs”.

So for the moment it seems that residents and tourists in Alcudia and in the Port of Alcudia will either have to wait in these taxi queues or find alternative forms of transport.


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