THE British are the second best dressed travellers in the world according to the results of a recent survey, while the Germans are some of the worst.
When most people pack for their summer holidays, they check off the fundamentals like a passport, a camera, suntan lotion and clothes.
A recent study reveals, however, that some nationalities pay more attention to how they dress than others while on vacation, and people around the world are taking notice. An international survey conducted by Expedia revealed today that Italians are the most dapper dressers in the world when vacationing abroad and Germans are the least trendy of travellers. Canadians were ranked as being the fifth best dressers in the world - tied with the Japanese - while Americans came in at number eight.
Tourist offices in 18 of the world's most popular destinations, from the stylish cities of Barcelona, Paris and New York to the sun, sea and sand of the Balearics, Canaries and Florida, took part in the Expedia vote which revealed that the Italians are the world's best-dressed tourists, followed by the British and French. Germany scored worst of any country mentioned, followed by Russians and Australians. Italians were praised for their chic shoes, designer sunglasses and tailored suits, keeping them looking cool in all conditions.
Canadians, ranked number five overall, are widely perceived to look tidy and wear well-coordinated outfits; Canuck men are seen in plain sweaters and nice pants while women jazz it up with chic dresses. No reference was made to hiking outfits or hockey sweaters. Tied with the Canadians at fifth are the impeccable Japanese who are known for taking great pride in their appearance - particularly the women who are always seen with perfectly applied makeup. Comfort reigns supreme for Americans, who continue to opt for the comfort of white socks, running shoes and brightly coloured Bermuda shorts when they travel abroad, while the Brits came second, having ditched football shirts for elegant evening wear, but were criticised by some as letting themselves down in the day with skimpy swimwear. At third, the fashionable French were highly praised for their exquisite taste and like the Italians, noted for their admirable accessories but at the lower end of the survey, it was found that German swimwear leaves little to the imagination, and their “Frankfurter hammock” skimpy male bathing suits and thong bikinis left them exposed at the bottom, literally.


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