Joan Collins
THE Balearics was yesterday again put on “Yellow Alert” because of the islands are in a situation of intense heat which is showing no signs of diminishing given that the forecast says that the islands will have a further rise in temperatures from tomorrow, according to warnings yesterday from Agustin Jansa, director of the Meteorological Centre of the islands. Jansa announced that temperatures would not decrease until Friday when the weather will become more moderate.
His prediction for yesterday was that temperatures in Palma would be around 34 degrees.
This was somewhat lower than Sunday's temperatures which had caused the islands to be upgraded to an “Orange Alert” (when the temperatures go over 35 degrees). However, yesterday the grading was again dropped to “Yellow Alert” (when temperatures rise above 33 degrees).
Jansa also said that in Minorca as well as in Ibiza and Formentera, temperatures yesterday would reach 32 or 33 degrees.
In Minorca it appears that the meteorological conditions caused the death of a man last Saturday after he fainted while working.
Government campaign
To deal with the arrival of the hot weather, the Balearic Government started the campaign “Fragile” on June 1, which is aimed at preventing health problems associated with high temperatures. This campaign, although it is aimed at the general population, takes special account of more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those with chronic illness and children. This initiative, to which the Balearic Government has given 50'000 euros, includes a network of information and observation and a Monitoring Commission to coordinate the action to be taken with the Spanish Ministry of Health. The principal informative messages which “Fragile” offers to Balearic residents in the case of high temperatures are to drink more liquids, to reduce physical activity, not to eat big meals, to wear cool clothing and to cool yourself down frequently. In addition to this, the Balearic Government recommends taking precautions against the sun, especially for children.
It also recommends taking care with food, such as keeping it at the correct temperature, and not exposing it to heat if possible.
They further advise residents to clean fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating them.
For any medical enquiries the residents can call the telephone number 061.


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