By Humphrey Carter
THE heat wave gripping Spain and the Balearics has so far claimed the lives of eight people, including a construction worker in Minorca. Yesterday the Balearic health department repeated health warnings with no significant let up in the weather forecast until Friday. Public health chief Antoni Pallicer yesterday urged the Balearic population to take note of the recommended ways of beating the heat, such as drinking plenty of water and juices, avoiding alcoholic drinks, eating regular light meals, keeping heads covered and wearing light coloured and comfortable clothes. allicer explained that of the eight people killed by the heat so far this summer, three have been builders, two were young sportsmen, one a farmer and two aged over 75. e warned that the two “high risk” groups, the young and the elderly, especially those suffering from heart or respiratory problems, hneed to be taking very special care of themselves in order to avoid heat stroke. The Balearic director general of public health added that the primary symptoms of heat stroke are thirst, dehydration, severe head aches, nausea, vomiting and convulsions. uite simply the best advice is, if you are in the sun when you feel any of these symptoms come on, is “get in the shade”. “Wrap yourself in a wet towel, take a shower and, if you feel no better ring 061,” Pallicer said yesterday.
The Department of Civil Protection and Emergencies announced yesterday that they are keeping the heat alert level at orange today for the Balearics, as well as the Canaries and Gerona. Maximum temperatures of 36 degrees are expected in the north, north east, south and inland of Majorca and 34 degrees in Minorca. Apart from the health warnings, the security services have repeated their recommendations to prevent forest fires such as avoid lighting fires in the mountains and surrounding areas, currently prohibited, especially in fields; and do not throw matches or rubbish on the ground or leave bottles or glass objects lying around. In case of fire, if it is not possible to put it out, you should call the emergency services and retire to areas which have less vegetation.
Some showers and possible storms are forecast in the Balearics for Thursday and Friday when the temperature is due to drop slightly.


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