By Ryan Harrison
EXOTIC animal owners in Majorca are being given the chance to have their pets checked over by the island's only specialised vet of exotic animals.
The arrival of Italian vet Dr Ricardo Giglioli, 39, who has worked with animals in the U.S., UK and Kenya, is good news for people in Majorca with pets like birds, reptiles, snakes and chipmunks. Giglioli qualified as a vet in Barcelona and started work at the Veterinary Clinic in Paguera at the beginning of May, and since then has dealt with, amongst other animals, three African grey parrots, one Amazon parrot and a turtle. He said: “Since I've started we've had a huge influx of people at the clinic bringing their exotic pets. There is nowhere else on the island that does this kind of thing with exotics. This usually means avians or birds, reptiles and other unusual animals. We get all sorts in here. The other day I had to give a health check and vaccination to a coati, a South American mongoose-type animal. “Although I do not sell myself as a specialist, I have a very big interest and experience in exotic pets,” he added. Majorca's pet owners will now get the opportunity to benefit from Giglioli's extensive experience, which has seen him work with the Kenya wildlife services in the capture and restraint of animals, including lions, leopards, elephants and giraffes. What's more, Giglioli has spent time in America dealing with the rehabilitation of wildlife, the majority of which were birds. Although not having been in Majorca for very long, Giglioli, who is also a member of the UK Royal Veterinary Society, is excited at the prospect of what Majorca has to offer. He said: “Majorca has a long history of bird breeding and has a more favourable climate than somewhere like Britain.” His duties since arriving on the island have included performing operations on exotic birds suffering with fractures and tumors. For those thinking of having an exotic pet, whether it's a snake, ferret, reptile or bird, Ricardo urges people to research the animal and consider the long term commitments that come with maintaining an animal. “Taking on this type of pet needs a lot of thought. Exotic animals are far more demanding than straightforward domestic dogs and cats. I suggest people do a lot of reading on the subject before buying the one they want. Also, the vet side of it can be very expensive. “For those who already have pets I would give this advice. You have to offer the animal the closest environment you can to its normal habitat and also consider its diet very carefully in order to keep it healthy.”


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Emily Clark / Hace over 3 years

Hello we have had a baby bird fall out of a nest in work and it needs help as cant walk or fly