Joan Collins
THE Balearics are still on “Orange Alert” due to the high temperatures, which in Majorca have reached 35 degrees and 34 in Minorca and Ibiza, according to Agustin Jansa, director of the Balearic Meteorological Centre. Jansa said that the forecast for today is for cloudy skies over the islands, which could lead to scattered showers in the afternoon or evening.
He added that temperatures would not come down until Friday when there will be a “slight fall in temperature”, which should last through the whole of the weekend. The head of the Balearic Meteorological Centre explained that all indications pointed to the fact that this July could become the second hottest in the recent history of the Balearic islands, registering two and a half degrees above the normal average temperatures during the last few years. Nevertheless, he said that temperatures this July would not exceed those recorded in July 2003, which continues to be the hottest month during the last 30 years. The heatwave which most of Europe is suffering is due to hot air coming up from Africa and the lack of cold fronts which lowers the temperature and makes the air fresher. “The absence of cold air and the domination of subtropical air is the reason for this heatwave”, said Jansa. The health authorities warned that measures should be taken to prevent heatstroke in the population in general and in groups such as the elderly, the chronically ill and children in particular.
The main messages which the health authorities are keen to get across are:
· consume more liquids
· reduce physical activity
· avoid large meals
· wear cool clothing
· cool yourself down often.
In addition to this, they recommend taking precautions in the sun, such as putting on sun cream of a factor suitable for your skin, especially for children.

Care with food is also recommended: l keep it cool and at the correct temperature at all times l clean fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating them.
Residents are able to ring the 061 number for any medical enquiries related to the hot weather.


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