By Pia Walter

TOURISTS in Palmanova were annoyed by the lack of information made available to them yesterday when they were forced to evacuate the area of the carbomb attack.

Steve and Maria Tyas from Liverpool said, “We just got kicked off the bus at the roundabout above the highway and were told to walk to Palmanova. “Nobody explained anything to us, so we just started walking. We didn't even know what had happened.” “But we love it here and we don't really feel threatened, although it would have been nice to have some more information. But we'd still come back next time we got the chance,” Steve continued.

Eddy Grunnit, a permanent resident of Palmanova said, “I was in the bar having lunch as it happened. Suddenly we heard a bunch of sirens go off and saw a couple of Civil Guards running down the street and speed off in a car. “We saw another two Guardia Civil dragging a prisoner into the carpark to take him away - for his own safety I assume.” “The last thing we saw was the car speeding up a one way road the wrong way. After that we were told to evacuate.” he concluded.
Alan Houston, a friend of Mr. Grunnits who's here as a tourist said,“ Eddy was just telling me what a peaceful place Majorca is to live in and trying to convince me to come over too, so it was quite ironic. “I don't think it would put me off though. It's not pleasant, but it's life. These things happen and besides, where else can you get a pint for 1.50 euros?” he added.

Some visitors were slightly less optimistic. Lauren Wyles who was on the island with her six-year-old daughter and lives in Tooting, South London said, “ I'm pretty shocked to be honest. I never imagined myself running down the street of Palmanova with my six year old trying to flee and not knowing from what. “There were police sirens everywhere and we were pretty scared.” she explained. “I'm not sure I want to come back in the near future. Maybe in a few years I'd consider it but I'm pretty annoyed at the lack of information we were given. Nobody knew what was going on at all. There was a lot of confusion and no explanations.”


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