FROM this coming October onwards, power supply company in the Balearics, Endesa, will be providing a recharge point for electric cars at its industrial premises at Sant Joan de Deu, close to Palma airport, Juan Frau the firm's Network Planning Director confirmed yesterday.

The use of electric vehicles is forecast to significantly reduce carbon emissions contamination in the transport industry and to provide much greater energy efficiency than in conventional motorised counterparts.

Balearic President Francesc Antich and Palma's Mayor Aina Calvo were attending the inauguration of two of Endesa's electrical recharge points yesterday morning. One of the points was for Endesa employees and the other for the general public.

There is already one such recharge point in operation at the underground car park in Via Roma in Palma. Another five are to be set up in the suburbs of Palma over the coming months.

Frau pointed out yesterday that the cost of recharging an electric car is six times less than filling a motorised vehicle with petrol. Recharging costs work out at 1.5 euros per 100 kilometres compared to 10 euros for the same distance for a conventional car.

There are currently between 10 and 15 electric cars on the roads in Palma. Prices start for the simplest vehicles at 15'000 euros, rising to 30'000 euros for more sophisticated models.

Frau said that at the moment, there are only two motorcyles which run on electricity on Majorca and to buy one of these would cost in the region of 6'000 euros.

Although initial outlay is expensive, said Frau, there are much greater savings in the long run.


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