DRIVING “efficiently” would lead to a saving of 44 million litres of petrol a year, according to Josep Juan Cardona, the Balearic trade minister who said that translated into cash terms, it represents a saving of 40 million euros. He made the announcement after signing an agreement with the 200 driving schools in the Balearics, which from September will give classes in how to drive more efficiently to reduce fuel consumption. This is part of the ministry's energy saving plans. Cardona said that one of the chief aims of the plan was to “involve users in being more responsible over energy consumption.” He also hopes it will promote a reduction of global consumption in the transport sector and will give publicity to the “energy labels” which all cars on sale must now display. Drivers should have “a minimum amount of information on the amount of fuel their vehicle uses, at least,” he said.
Cardona also hopes that the campaign will lead to a more rational use of cars and, most of all, a reduction of dependency on cars.
Drivers will be persuaded not to use the car for a trip of less than three kilometres, and not to overload their vehicle, but most of all to respect speed limits. A reduction of ten to 20 per cent in fuel consumption would lead to the emission of 100'000 tons less of gases into the atmosphere.


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