PLENTY of sun, plenty of nightlife and little interest in Island culture.
Tourists coming to Majorca show the same preferences when it comes to enjoying their holidays. Many are making repeat visits, others are here for the first time but all arrive in search of something of world renown that is encapsulated in the slogan “Sun, Sea and Sand”. Tourists from Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Belgium, amongst other countries, agree that they always end up getting what they come for. They come in search of the warmth, of beach life, walks by the sea and “to have a complete break”.
Some English tourists from Liverpool arrived a few weeks ago on Majorca. It was their first visit to Spain and they decided to opt for the Island. Joseph, Eunice, Leanne and Clara clearly had sunshine, the beach, and plenty of rest in a warm climate on their agenda; a real contrast to the rain-soaked city they know as home. Just before they returned to the United Kingdom, they confirmed “we've found here exactly what we were looking for. It's been a tailor-made holiday. We were absolutely delighted and we shall definitely be back again for our holidays here next summer”. Johannes, Andrea, Matthäus and Clara, a family from Austria, who spent their nights on the Island at a hotel in Portocristo included some culture in their holiday itinerary. “Majorca's warm climate and culture were important elements in our choice of holiday destination, although the beach was the key attraction for us. We ended up, however, being so taken with the historical centre of Palma that we only had time to go bathing in the sea and swimming pool on two occasions during the weeks that we have spent here”. They had been taken by surprise by the level of cultural interest. A group of young people from Holland: Rien, Gert, Roy, Henk, Reinier and Maarten confessed “we came to Majorca with only two things in mind: the night life and the beach. We eventually found time to vist Nature Park and Aquacity”, something that wasn't originally on their agenda.
They were in firm agreement however, that the most important aspect of the holiday was the nights they spent in “Tito's”, “Pacha” (night clubs) and in the area of Magalluf famed for after dark entertainment. Other Dutch tourists commented on the importance of the easy journey between Holland and the “island paradise” of Majorca. They explained that it was for them “a very comfortable two-hour plane trip”. Herman, Truida, Niek and Anouk were attracted by fine weather and beach life and confirmed that they “got what they came for” during their two-week holiday. Members of the Shäfe and Wagner families from Germany said they found Majorca “a great place to be”. “We really enjoy the sunshine and being able to spend so much time on the beach”. Their sentiments echoed those of a group of young Belgians who were able to add a few more attractions to their list: “good-looking women, beautiful countryside and great food”. Kevin, Andy, Menno, Tommy, Werner and Angélique were staying for two weeks in s'Arenal and described their holidays as being “much better than we could have hoped for”. Two visitors from France, Lemaire, Taffin and the rest of the group they were travelling with were also happy with the outcome of their stay on Majorca. Sunbathing and going on excursions were the principal aims of their holiday. During their short stay, they had found time for the beach, and amongst other trips, they made a visit to Sa Calobra and a boat trip to the East coast of the island. Sunshine was the key ingredient for their satisfaction with the holiday. Another group of people from Holland: Gijs, Linda, Niels, Anita, Alex and Patrick agreed that they had come to enjoy themselves on the beach and to explore the nightlife of the island. Sporting hats purchased on Majorca, they declared the holiday just “couldn't have been better”.


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