By Humphrey Carter

THIS Friday, the legendary British DJ Carl Cox and his “friends” is going to light up the Ca'n Picafort sky with some of the best DJs and electronic music in the world.

Carl, who has owned a house on the island and worked the clubs in Majorca for decades, has spent much of the past week performing in Ibiza and he said that the island has suddenly come alive. “The season started off a bit slow but all of a sudden it's picked up and its pumping. Not only are people flocking in from the UK, we're getting a lot of people coming over to club from Majorca,” he told the Bulletin this week. But, Carl's had an interesting year. Not only has he been recording his latest album, exclusive tracks of which he will be playing this Friday for his Majorca fans, he has also been performing in Sarajevo. “It was over the volcanic ash cloud weekend, so I only managed to get one of the three gigs done and had to go back to perform the remaining two. “It was pretty shocking at first. All the buildings are still peppered with bullet and shell holes but, despite the continuing cultural splits caused by the religious differences, I found that people from all walks of life, religions and cultures came to my shows. It was great. They were all packed out and it made me realise that music can and does bring people together and help them put their differences aside, even if it's just for a couple of hours,” he said.

Carl has put together an amazing line up of DJs for “La nit de l'auba” at the Ca'n Picafort sport ground.
The “Carl Cox & Friends Electronic Festival” is this year going to have two stages and is going to kick off at 8pm and run through the night until 7am. “We've got some top acts from the UK like Tom Findlay and Andy Cato, alias the Groove Armada and some top local talent including Angel Costa, Enric Ricone and Ella Black. “Spain's number one DJ, Cristian Vella is also going to be performing with radio Slave, Simon Baker and Glimpse. “It's going to be a real one off special night and I'm really excited about it. “Every year we try and do something new, different and better - break new ground so the Majorca crowd are in for something real special,” he added. “I love Majorca, it's like my second home. I spent the past part of ten years as the resident DJ at BCM and, like I said, I've a house in Santa Ponsa. “But, sadly with all my travelling to clubs all over the world, I don't get all the time I want to be in Majorca. “It's so pretty, so is Ibiza, but Majorca's bigger so there's more to see and do. Also, in the winter Ibiza is dead. At least Majorca functions all year round,” he said.

Apart from Sarajevo, Carl has been performing all over Europe this year including Bulgaria and Germany and he was deeply shocked and saddened by the disaster at the love parade festival last weekend. “Organising these things is very complicated. “I've performed at some massive festivals including Tea In The Park in London. “One crucial thing is to have an overspill zone so, if more people do turn up than expected they can just spread out safely. “The love parade was fenced off, there was no over spill, I think nearly three times as many people turned up and to have people coming in via tunnels was just too dangerous. It was a disaster and very sad,” he said. “There's going to be none of that in Ca'n Picafort,” he stressed. “What there will be is a great deal of fun and wide range of electronic music and I'm going to be jumping around like crazy. “I'm one of those DJ's who performs too. Some just stand behind the deck and play the music and let their sound speak for themselves, me, I jump around and dance - it also helps to get the crowd going. “The only trouble is that, if I'm not feeling too good or I'm a bit tired and don't start jumping about, the crowd start getting worried about me. But don't worry Majorca, I'm raring to go this Friday.”


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